an old letter

10:11:00 PM

dear bestfriend,
mmm i don't know what should i write on this letter. and i dont know what should i do with this letter too.
a letter that maybe you will never read, a letter that you wont know about.a letter about something that i wanna tell you.

you know, its two am. feeling like i just lost a friend, the best of the bestfriend that i've ever had. hope you know its not easy for me.

don't you ever remember the momment when we talked, we shared, we laughed about... everything. and..

i always think, maybe i'm the luckiest person in the world who have you here, as my bestfriend. who always there for me. someone who always never get mad to me. who always never being bored for listen to my silly stupid story of my life...haha. and i thought, we would always gonna be like this. inseperable. together. forever. ever.

but... something change. i knew, everything would be change when i told you what people say about us behind. that's the most stupid thing that i've ever done, when i talked it with you.
then, what happend next are you started to care for it, and now, you make space between us. everything's different now. because of the space.

you know, one thing that i missed is only... the old you.
the old you who used to be my partner in crime,my mom, my father, my brother, my sister, my grandma, my personal clown, even my servant.
i wish we still have the chance to start over again, just do what we always did.. i miss you. i miss the old you. i don't even like the new you.
i want you to know, i still beside you whatever. i'm open 24/7 just like mcdonald. to be your shoulder when everything's worse
text me everytime you like. of course, if you like.

p.s : i miss you. where are you now?

(swear gatau deh ini tenses bener apa ngga hahahahaha)

Cirebon, 8 Mei 2010

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