6:49:00 PM

I'm not that good in english. fyi, my toefl score is terrible.
So... one of my resolution in 2012 is improving my english.
Nah, at the first step...  I think I'm going to post anything here in english .... it may be difficult at the beginning.

like this :(

I have to think every single thing I write,  like...are those words suitable for this sentence or not?eye catching or not? How to make people enjoying every part I've written? Mmm well, I used to think all of them too when I write in Indonesian. But it's easy, and it doesn't take a long time. Because I don't need to think grammar and I don't need to open dictionary like every second!

fyi, I spent 1 hour to write those 2 short paragraphs above this sentence. men.. men....!

So, hope you forgive me for this messy post.

once more, I don't know this is resolution or just wishes, but the things I wanna do in 2012 are...

  •  improve my english
  •  improve my soft skill in organization
  • being a good chemical engineering student (means lotta study!)
  • being a good girlfriend. a sweet girlfriend ;;)
  • having more more more collections of.... book! managements, Anthology of poetry, and novels
  • having an album of photo collections
  • having skin body and face treatment everyday! (never skip sunblock, masker, moisturizer, facial wash, etc) hopefully implemented routine and regulary since im not a dilligent person -___-
  • take a make up class or cooking class (bahahahaha)
  • go travelling somewhere
  • learn regularly but not so long (only max 2 hours per day)
  • eat well, healthy food of course... ah, low fat milk everyday :3
  • do sport!!!!!!! aaa, swimming once a week maybe
  • start to play piano again, somehow
  • take a shower twice a day!!!!!!!
  • being a better person. more more more organized person. have some goals in every month! so that i can maximize my time.
  • and most of all, Getting better in every worship. Sunnah fasting at least twice in a month, Tahajud pray at least once a week , Dhuha every morning at least twice a week pray 5 times a day, read Quran everyday, and smile :)

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