Too Early Birthday Cake

8:09:00 PM

My brother and my sister have their birthday on this sister's is on 17th, and my brother's is on 22nd. But mom, who loves to cook, want me to taste their birthday cake too (since i have to leave this house on February 13th) . So, she made blackforest today! yeay!
Mom's blackforest is the best blackforest ever. except for the garnish. hoho. doesn't matter. I prefer taste than appearance :3

Happy (too early) 16th years old Dhea Shofi Rachmadita
Happy (too early) 9th years old too Faiq Alghiffari Rachmadi
Time runs by fast...very fast! this is creepy O.O
emm...May you guys becoming a good girl and boy dear little bro and litte sissy. be smart and make mom and dad proud.
aaand last but not least, don't be 'dodol' like your big sissy, okay -_-

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