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kyaaaa! if yoy are a fans from 'running man' reality show, then you must know this person... yap. Lee kwang soo! he might not (actually, scratch that – he ISN’T) the hottest or cutest Korean actor around. Let’s be honest – his looks are not to his advantage in this field (but I don't know why in those pictures he looks so damnnnn pretty cute <3,)

From the first I watched running man, he already surprised me with his appearance (tall and skinny)--kinda the type of my favourite boy ;) .
I was a bit surprised when I found out about Lee Kwangsoo’s personality, he isn’t that loud. He’s one of those actors that are quiet when they’re not acting. I find it kind of strange, as I’ve always thought that actors act well because they are so outspoken in the first place, but I’ve been proven wrong through actors like Lee Kwangsoo :O
Kwangsoo is quiet but willing to speak. If someone interrupts him while he’s speaking, he shuts his mouth and won’t repeat what he said (just like me. ahaha). In fact, he’ll never repeat his previous words. He gets bullied easily by the other members of Running Man. He’s quite an innocent character – or so it seems.
Yet, as the show progressed, Kwangsoo showed viewers his specialty – slandering and gossiping. He would create outrageous stories about the other members of Running Man , causing everyone to burst into laughter. His serious expression while telling these lies added to the humor of it all.
Through Running Man, Kwangsoo also displayed his various facial expressions and his brilliant acting. Although to many Running Man viewers, Kwangsoo is probably the least popular and least liked compared to the others, he’s the highlight of Running Man for ME <3. He makes every episode memorable with his witty remarks and his timid behavior makes the show even more enjoyable. Without his presence in Running Man, I’m not sure if the show would be as good – indeed, the producers made a good choice when recruiting Kwangsoo for this variety show.

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