6:41:00 PM

You can not undo what has happened, they say. Even if you can and you’re given a chance, you will not do it.. Sure, I’m talking about my self. I never have a wish to change any single tiny little thing about how we met, cause how my life before you came is a long story that can be summed up by the fact that I had given up on love by the time I found you… I was only bundle of insecurities who had been struck by life’s blows.
But then we met….
That time, for once in my life I was right where I want to be and you suddenly became the first melody that my heart likes to sing whenever it needs a tune. Even you are the hardest melody I’ve ever played. We were so in love… The kind of love that if only there are things in life that one can’t explain… it might be our love.
But then you let me go…
The mornings don’t seem as beautiful as they used to and the nights are even worse. And that, that is the first time of my life I really wish for a chance to undo…

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