How I Met Him #3 - I Liked Him First

5:12:00 PM

I liked him first.

You can tell the entire word how gentleman he was, but I liked him first. I didn't know when it start, but it happened when I'm still with my-almost-5-years boyfriend :)). Jugde me all you want, but hey.. No matter how hard we try to hide, we still can't control our feeling, right? ehe.

He still had a girlfriend at that time, but again, I'm blinded. I was fascinated by his gentleman act towards me. I fall for his smile. I fall for the way he looked at me. I fall for how he always have answers to my questions-even the silliest one. I fall for the way he stop me from feeling alone. And the sound of his laughter to my jokes, made me fall even deeper. (Later I know, he was being that kind to every girl. No, he's not being asshole, he just nice and I missunderstood, or in another word, baper. you may laugh)

Astri, as a friend of us, was very supporting through this wrong feeling. Funny. As one example, she often invited us to yahoo messanger chat, then leave, so we could chatted just two of us. Silly. She even draw us:

top: the day we went to Bryan's house ; Bottom: the day we graduated from high school

My boyfriend knew this, and we broke up. I was crying desperately like almost a week, like my whole world were falling down, feeling guilty until my eyes swollen and hurt...

 and we back together again after a week!

As cheesy as it sounds, you may throw up here.

it didn't take long to another break up. We were having long distance relationship for college, uncertain future, and...why did we insist to water a dead plant?

((Finally I write the next chapter of "How I met The PE" series after 10 decades!)) Read the previous chapter : Part 1, Part 2

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