How I Met Him #1 - at The Beginning

3:22:00 PM

I rarely talk about him in this blog. Suddenly I have the mood. So, don't let it go in vain.

We had a very very long (hi)story. 5-bloody-complicated-years. As I'm writing this, 5 years may sound so easy, and fast. In fact, just imagine how 5 years can do to one's life.

We first met on 2008. Second grade at senior high school. We went to the same class, but I didn't really notice him as someone special. Emphasize, I was hardly notice him. :))

I made friends easily, but only few of them were close to me. At that time, I had a boyfriend too, so it's obivious that I was not looking for someone else. The second grade at senior high school just passed away like that, nothing special between me and him, except we were a classmate. a common classmate, who rarely made a conversation.

At the third grade at senior high school, I join the course for preparing the national exam and uni entrance at Ganesha Operation, just because it was very close to my house, and turned out that he was at the same class with me. 

I can't exactly remember how it happened, but we were very close after that. Maybe because I rarely skip the class, neither did him, while some of my friends (from my school) made so many excuse for skipping the class. I didn't have any intend to make new friends, so I just picked the seat beside him in every class of our course, and it became a habit. Whenever I came to the class, I always looked for empty chair beside him, and if it wasn't empty, I would shamlessly tell him to move and looking for our new seat, and he simply agreed to that :))

So, our course just ran as usual until one day I got very bored, and started to make conversation with him--just because he was the only one who available that time. We talked about my boyfriend (oh yes, we still together that time), other time we talked about his girlfriend (Oh yes, he had his girlfriend too) , and the next bored-time we talked about our friends in school, or the homeworks from our teacher, everything. Surprisingly, it was nice, talking with him. He is a very good listener, and a goof adviser too. And again, it became a habit, to talk with him, not only when I got bored in my course class, but also in every situation. 

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