How I met Him #2

10:30:00 AM

Guess I'm having my writing mood back. So I'll just continue till I don't know when ;)

As I mentioned in the previous post, I only had few friends, one friend I was quite comfortable with was Astri. We were on the same class too. At the beginning, she was my study partner, and my go-to-canteen-partner, but 5 years from that time, unbelievably, Astri took part in most important day of our live together. How funny it can be.

He was close with Astri too. His mom was befriended with Astri's mom. I can't exactly remember how and when, but it just went like that, Astri, me, and him became close friends.

Fyi, I've never been popular. I was just an average and just nice looking enough. I didn't fall for someone a lot. I had a boyfriend on my 2nd grade of junior high school, and it was lasting for almost 4 years. Couldn't see anyone else but that person. I had some offer during those years (even they knew that I had a boyfriend, and said that they could wait) Refused all the offers in junior and senior high, almost without doubts. I just stacked to one person for almost 4 years, and I always, always told that person honestly about those guys approaching me. Only to that person, not Astri nor him.

At the third grade of senior high, I don't remember why, I stop telling that person about it.

There was my friend, named R, one of that person's close friend, and my classmate. At first, I didn't feel that someone was kind of approaching me because he liked me, it just felt like having a new best friend to talk to and share with.

I don't even remember how we could exchange phone number, and started the sms. It was R who always started texting, but I surely replied it, inspite of its nonsense content. It was undeniable that I was enjoying that, it even made me ignoring my boyfriend's sms, HA. Until one night, he came to my house just to brought me the sweet martabak (just because I asked it while joking). R's house was very far from my house, and he really brought it :))
My boyfriend was angry knowing this. I forgot how, but he knew. The only thing I could explain was "Yaelah cuma martabak doang, masa yang begitu dibilang naksir." And I mean it.

When I told this story to Astri and him, they laughed so hard. They laughed like tommorow never comes. "YAIYALAH, itu mah naksir. Parah kamu mah malah ditanggepin, inget udah punya pacar." they said it clearly, but I was ignoring it.

Other days, R helped me with the exam ID Card.
In my school, there was a rule that we had to bring our exam ID Card in every test, but I lost my Exam ID Card on 2nd day of exam week. I seek it in every corner of the class. R was offering his help, and seek it together with me, still we couldn't find it.
So I must brought my self to head of commitee to ask the temporarry-card, and listening to her nagging, about how careless I was. R was beside me, accompany me listening her nagging too. he was really a good friend, I thought :))
Then the head of commitee stated that I had to brought my self everyday, to ask the temporarry-card...
it would be a tiring thing, but what can I do exept accepting the bad news. But not with R.
I didn't know how he did it, but he gave me a whole blank new Exam ID Card the day after. we just need to fill the name, and the student number. I was very very very happy for his effort :)) how a small thing could made me happy that time.

"If I were R, I will never do that unless I liked you so much" He said, and Astri was agree, but in my opinion, R was just being a good friend, a good companion, or maybe I just being denial.

So many things happened after that, but I kept saying to my self that I wouldn't take this too hard. Kept telling my head not to be overtaken by my heart, because it didn't feels so right. Did it count as cheating?

Me and R finaly back to normal state after few weeks. So weird.


I really enjoy talking to him, but it only happened when we met. At that time, we didn't do any sms or chat. Our friendship was just simply like that and he knew all the bad side of me, R's story was just one of them. If I were him, I wouldn't consider the girl like me for being my spouse in my entire life. Never. I didn't even trust myself after all.

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